Our Approach

At AO Wealth Advisory, we promise one-on-one communication and a long term relationship to pursue your financial goals. We promise to be very open with you, use simple terms instead of industry jargon, and give honest advice at every stage. We will have straightforward conversations on costs and always invite questions.  

It's our mission to guide every client on a path to earning, investing, and giving.


AO Wealth is your trusted financial partner.


our planning approach // Here's how we do it


1. Establish a client-planner relationship

Our meetings start with your questions. We want to know what’s top of your mind and how we can help address your concerns. As we work to build a client-planner relationship, the first meeting is about getting to know your top financial concerns and determining if AO Wealth Advisory is a good fit. We’ll explain the services we can provide and define our responsibilities as the planner and your responsibilities as the client.



2. Gather client data and goals

A financial plan is only as good as the data that it’s based upon. During the initial data gathering we’ll ask for as much financial detail as you make available including financial statements, insurance policies, etc. Together this data will help us define your goals, timeline for results, and risk needed to pursue those goals.



3. Analyze and evaluate your financial status

With the data gathered, we will be able to analyze your information and assess your current situation to determine action steps to help you meet your goals. Analysis may include items like: assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, investments, and/or risk strategies.



4. Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

A follow up meeting will be required for us to offer recommendations and help you make informed decisions. We will listen to your concerns and revise the recommendations where appropriate.



5. Implement your financial plan

After coming to an agreement on the necessary actions steps, we’ll help you execute your financial plan where appropriate. We can also help coordinate certain areas of your financial plan with other professionals you have an established relationship with (Attorney, CPA, etc.).



6. Monitor your financial progress

Meeting at least annually to sit down and review your financial situation is key to maintaining a healthy financial plan. Review meetings are useful in keeping us in the know on your financial situation and making adjustments to the financial plan where necessary.